Is it possible to have "kits"?

I know the title is kind of confusing, so sorry. You know how you have games like Wizard 101 where you can customize your characters and the character stays that way? That’s what I want.

So let’s say I made a sphere with a hat for my character in the game. Is there a way I can have the character go through the scenes and .blend files? Or have the customized character stay that way for the rest of the game? Sorry for the confusion.

Notes: I’m learning Python and I don’t have a .blend file for this. If you need an explanation, I’ll try better. xD[INDENT=17]Thanks in advanced, Shadow Pro :D[/INDENT]

I’vnt dont a lot python either lately.

First learn how to write to a file and how to read to a file, your settingsfile.txt or so.

Based on what you read in it learn in BGE how to set object color
Or learn how to spawn an object using BGE
(use google search or so, for code samples).

Then find a way the hat follows another object so it stays in place,
Python, or object linking ? unsure here.