Is it possible to have more than 1 image texture for a material?

For example that of spiderman costume? Where one image is the colors and another texture is the spider logo which will be on top of the colors.

Also is it possible to have more than 2 bump maps? For example in spiderman costume where the first bump is the hexagonal shape, and then on the top of it is the webs bump map?

If not, can you please recommend a better approach to it?

Spiderman Costume

Yes… you can have as many images as you like… you just have to find the right way to mix them all together. You have the normal ways of combining images with a mixRGB node, which you can set to multiply, add, overlay, etc… mix option allows you to use a third image to mix between two images … and you can set up two shaders and use a texture (or vertex colours or whatever) to mix between them with another texture. Then there’s the maths node, which can also be used to mix between monochrome textures … And split RGB … Lots of options.

Yes… i do this with wine bottles, to put a label on the glass. Its the same principle… here are my nodes… It has specular and diffuse maps and can control the specular of the label with the RGB curve.

It also allows for multiple UV maps on the same model, but in this instance i’m only plugging one in.

This is pretty much what you want on a basic level.

see how the specular is much softer on the label than it is on the glass? thats down to the layer weight / rgb curve controlling it.

You can use the same trick on spiderman because you want the red paint logo to be not shiny and the rest have some shinyness.

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thanks, how do i place them into order? like the logo being on top of the web pattern? is it in the mix shader?

Yes you just need another level of mix shaders. In the case of the bottle, im using the alpha channel of the image texture as the fac of the mix shader so the glass shows through the image textures alpha channel.

You just need another mix shader between the texture and the material output so you can mix the third one in.

by the way, how would you go about with the eyes? will it be a separate mesh? or a a part of the head? ‘coz i was looking at the movie & it seems the web pattern on the head don’t get affected by the eyes no matter what the eyes’ shape become-whether it’s in neutral, or angry eyes, etc…

I would probably do them separately, otherwise youll run into odd cases where the eyes deform weirdly with the suit and there wont be a way to fix it.

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