Is it possible to have realtime semi detailed outlines and inner lines with nodes in 2.91?

I’ve decided to use the inverted hull method, but I was wondering is it possible to give abit more detail with some inner lines. I did come a node outline thing, but it’s only for 2.9 and for some of the things I have it has to be at least 2.91. So does anyone know how to do this with nodes. Oh, it has to be real time so no compositor and no freestyle.

Something like this but its outdated and doesn’t seem like it will be updated.

I’m using blender 2.91 and the eevee render engine

A simple Fresnel should do. Tweak the ColorRamp to adjust the outline size:

Another way is to use the Layer Weight > Facing, there you can also tweak the blend value:

Of course, you can combine these with other stuff instead of a simple color.

Cool, I’ll do some tests when I get the chance.