Is it possible to hinge 2 objects on one edge?

Heya I’ve been mucking about with blender for the past month or so and decided to try and build something for fun. so far I’ve had no problems building oddballs etc. but now I’ve been trying to somehow fuse two edges together so that one or both rotate on it. like a little trinket box hinge. but i don’t want to have to create a hinge and want it invisible. I tried using hooks but didn’t succeed. I added the Blend file in an attachment which I’m hoping works? I’ve never tried it before. I’m trying to connect the 2 triangular prisms by the face closest to each other.

Thank you:)


Hidden hinge pyramid.blend (267 KB)

Is your intent to have it operate as a hinge, or be physically connected for some other reason?

If you want a hinge, place the two edges together, snap the cursor to the mating edge, create an empty, parent the “lid” to the empty. Rotate the empty and Taa-Daa.

Hmmm ok i see what that does. But is there any way to attach them so that even if i “drag” the lid it will only rotate? What you said will work for what i need:) but i would like to know if its possible to do it another way?

Hmm… I’m at the limits of my technology :slight_smile: I’m sure there are other ways, maybe using constraints, maybe scripting, but then again, maybe not. (see sentence #1)