Is it possible to import different works into 1 blend file?

Hi is there any way to like import a car from car.blend to character.blend

what i want to know if I could somehow import meshes/bones/animation/texture from a blend file to a another blend file

because I made this character in character.blend and made a car in car.blend

and i want them to be on the same blend file or do I have start all over with the car model

Use File->Append from the character.blend and choose the car.blend and then via the Append screen select all the things from the car scene you want to have appended (added) to the character scene…

[Edit:] Also see the reference: here

Thank you it worked

first i got stuck trying get the mesh but then i tried object it worked
thanks again this really helped

So I was pretty much trying to do this exact same thing, except that I have tried this and it doesn’t work for me… I don’t know why, but I am really frustrated with Blender… it’s the least user friendly program I have tried to learn!!!

Calm down - Blender’s a large and complex program, and while it’s fun, learning it will take time. To link objects, you go to the File menu, select Link, select the blend file that you want to import, and then select the resource and object that you want to import. What exactly is the problem you’re having?

Sorry for you.

What have you done to make it not to work?
If you need help, you should provide some informations.