Is it possible to improve toonedge?

Blender already included a nice toon shader,But the toonedge is too bad.
can it be improved?ink9000 and freestyle is hard to create animation!
Is there anybody?

what do you think about this?I do think this is very usefull!:slight_smile:

You could use Freestyle as a workaround.

He already mentioned that in his initial post.


I agree that additions to toon edge rendering would be nice but I don’t know about how it’s implemented internally. If you want to give it a go, take a look at .

That Toon Line panel looks like a nice idea. Actually, you can do alpha and intensity using nodes. You can select “Edge” on a render layer alone, so that your edges are on their own render layer and other things are on different render layers. Then you can process edges like any other input node.

Still, that panel looks like it would be very cool.

Somewhere on this forum I read that there is work being done to fully integrate freestyle into Blender as a renderer, which of course would be the best. That will be great.

Personally I would love to see freestyle implemented as a composite node as it is essentially a 2D effect working on 3D data. Perhaps you could use the compositor as shown here to create toon edges with more control:
I’m sorry if it slightly off topic but please please tell me how to import blender exported .3ds into freestyle because the builds that are meant to work are now unavailable. As a couple people on this thread are familiar with freestyle I would be very grateful if someone could give me that info!

Is it true that people have been considering integrating freestyle? That would be awesome! Currently though, I still have this importing .3ds issue to content with. :frowning:


thats mock up gui is great, you should post sample pictures telling what each button can (possibly)achieve in a render that way one of our wonderful blender programmers could take this on as a pet project.

great idea- i have the same opinion and same wishes, like you, for a long time. An improved non-photorealistic rendering would be great.

Please post your idea and your mock-up to the blender request-site.


My meaning is that Blender can’t control the edges,such as fold edges,crease edges…My trouble is it can’t get the correct edges now!the EdgeIntensity is just global control,so I want to get clear crease-edges,the eges I don’t want to are visible.

I found the sflender several weeks ago ,that is very good base,why not integrate it into Blender?Sorry,I dont know how difficulty it is ,I’m not a coder,I just hope Blender would be powerfull and usefull.

I used freestyle little times,Can’t help you ,Koba!sorry!

actually I think if there will be a toon edge rewrite, it will be a better idea to implement them as a texure. Because that way you can assign them per material, or even for the entire world.

Seriously hope your right about that.I think I’ve tired every trick under the sun to get a more better toon edge in the internal render,but I decided to focus more on modeling and lighting.Still good toonshaders though:).

It’s highly due for an upgrade.I think it been the same since the NAN days.

For toony renderings, this would be a good idea, while the toonshaders in the materials seem fine, the toon edge options are fairly simple and you can’t really choose the style of the lines. This would be a good idea.

a good idea would be the possibility to map a texture to an edge: e.g. you can map a noise-texture with view-input on an edge to get an charcoal-style…


RONIN - surely you can answer my question about freestyle? You seem very into this NPR stuff which is very cool I grant you that!

On this thread (
you wrote:

I have to say that the 3ds export in the release candidates are working out great for freestyle.
Which release candidate did you use? I am really sorry to bother you/ go off-topic but I have been asking around and no one has been able to help me.

I would be so grateful if you could help me get Blender working with freestyle (I desperately need it for my current project)!


There are so many ways to make a better edgetoon internaly,but I think we are in the minority with things people want in Blender like sss,mesh sculpting,volumetric particles,Renderman,etc…etc.

I’m no coder, but I really don’t think its that hard compared to these other features.
You know what?
Im down to the point where I would pay a coder for his or her time,just to make a better internal toon edge,till freestyle comes in…Seriously.

That cvs candidate became 2.42
PM me if you have questions.

I want a better internal toon edge and an internal DOF too!

I think its overstatement to call the current edge rendering feature ‘toon edge’ since it simply draws edges of uniform width and color - a real toon edge would do loads of other things.

Count me in! I’m interested in better toon edges too. Actually it is one of my most desired features.
Atm I don’t see any proven developers or other programmers dealing with this problem. So we will surely have to wait years before there will be any progress in this field.
For me this is the strongest motivation of learning C myself and have a look in the blender soures to add this feature myself. But this will take years too…

Don’t under-estimate the required work for a good NPR especially if it should give you stable results in animation. A good and stable stroke engine is hard work.