Is it possible to insert a 360° video or similar videos to the viewport?

Let’s assume that I have an animated logo in blender or something like that. I want it to part of another scene (another blend file). I would not like to copy and paste the objects of the logo. I would not like to use the billboard technique.

I need to render the logo as a video cube or a video that has real three dimensions. I’m sure it will look nicer than the billboard technique because you can move around the logo as you please.

What I can think of is a 360° video but I don’t know how to import them to the viewport. Also, I’m not sure if there is a better solution than a 360° video (maybe a special video format or an add-on). Thanks a lot,

As far as adding such video: add a UV sphere, it by default should have a decent equirectangular unwrapping (well, not quite, so if you want those top/bottom pieces visible you can make your own), scale it up so it encompasses your scene. Add a material on it, and as a color insert an Image Texture. Open the texture, choose your video file; the node will change. Set your desired frame range and tick Auto-Refresh - video would play as you play the animation in viewport. Maybe you’ll want to use a different shader (i.e. Emission).

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