Is it possible to join hair particles to a mesh?

Hey everyone, I’m pretty new to making clothing in blender but recently I started working on a fur jumper, for this I used hair particles. To cut it short, after I achieved the look I wanted with the hair, I went to the modifiers tab and clicked convert (Since I’ve read this is how you convert the hair particles into mesh) I then proceeded to remove the particles from the jumper and then joined the hairs I had already converted to the jumper (ctrl+j) I then exported my ‘fur jumper’ only to discover the fur had vanished once I re-uploaded it. I went back into blender to see if I could discover why it was doing this and noticed that after joining the hairs to the mesh they become invisible and are only visible when highlighted (which is why I didn’t notice this in the first place)

Here are some clips of the steps I take during this process:

  1. I direct to modifier and convert

  1. I remove the particles from the jumper then move it back in position to the fur I converted

  1. I select both and join them (ctrl & j)

  1. Now it appears to be one mesh object when highlighted

But once deselected which I discovered by going into sculpt mode, it appears like this, as if the hairs are invisible

I am confused as to why this is happening, since I’m not sure if the hairs are even there when I re-upload elsewhere other than blender or if they are but they are just invisible. Obviously I’m doing something wrong along the lines, & since i’m new to making clothing, I’d be very thankful if anyone could shed some light on this for me, clips/tutorial links would be extremely appreciated :slight_smile:

If the particles are geometry (Particles panel / Render tab - select ‘Object’ and then the approriate geometry), the conversion to mesh (Modifier / ParticleSystem - Convert) should work. After that, select all your hair geo and join it.

If I understand correctly, you converted hair paths, but this way you only got edges, no faces, that is, no renderable elements.
If you want usable converted object you must extrude all edges a bit (the thickness appropriate for a hair) and then give them a thickness either by extruding them again in a perpendicular direction respect to the former, or by a Solidify modifier.

At least, I don’t know other ways.