Is it possible to just "lose it?"

I am a musician, and on the side as a hobby i play with blender, but lately, nothing is inspiring me for either, and I was just wondering if it is possible to lose whatever it is that gives us the music/art we create? What do you do to get inspired?

I don’t think so.
Worrying too much about losing it might do it, however.

If you try to hard to “get it back”, you might end up giving more attention to things you normally wouldn’t.
Or sometimes you are stuck with memories of the past and have the belief that you were better at things before.
I try to be natural, and go with the flow.:slight_smile:

Yeah I don’t think it’s possible either, you’re just having a case of writer’s (or modelers or musicians) block. When I need to get inspired, I usually look at (or listen to) the work of others. Hope this helps you out man.

I don’t know, I lost my motivation too.

Trying looking at the works of masters for inspirations. When I meant Masters, I don’t mean masters of Blender. Art, Photography, and maybe even text if that helps. That’s what I usually do.

When I lose motivation, I normally go straight to Andy’s website ( and look at his work, because his ‘genre’ matches my tastes. Else I look at Picasso or Dali’s work.

As a musician, i have more ideas then i do have time. My whole live is an inspiration.
For me, Loosing it means expecting more then I can.
If you push yourself a little, it’s ok, cause you improve, but if you push yourself to hard, you start hating yourself cause you can’t play as good of a solo as Paul Gilbert or Mattias Eklundh can…
Just go with your own flow, the point is making art and having fun. art doesn’t have to be difficult.

If you are a musician, then spend time just “doodling” on a keyboard and do it every day. If you want to do 3D graphics, also at least “doodle” with it every day. Preferably at the same time every day.

Your subconscious mind will become used to “going to work each day.” It might not deliver-up anything at all on any particular day, but “go there anyway,” and don’t leave until your minimum self-appointed amount of time has been spent.

Always keep a pad of paper nearby because your subconscious mind sometimes has a terrible sense of timing . . .

Stress is considered the number 1 killer of creativity. So what is stressing you?

Note that stress and energy/busy-ness are not necessarily the same.

As an musician I can only say: jam with other musicians than you normally do, musicians from other genres of music.

For the blender part: open the dictionary at a random page, pick the first word you see and google it. It might give you ideas.

If you loose “it”, you never had “it” but it does not necessarily mean you can´t find “it” as you may not have found it yet.

Well advice I give, like Joda sounding I am.
There it is, of everyone a part it is, not lost it can be, back it will come or yet find you will it.

For me its like an additional sense, not like a pool where you take ideas out.
But sometimes senses dull and need sharpening again, but our information-society offers plenty possibilities to get inspiration, sometimes we just look past it.

What I noticed though over the years as well is, that there comes the point in every artists life, where the technical expertice stalls the progress and blocks the imagination. And thats a real pain, when you can´t get your ideas from your head into the world the way you imagined it - just a shallow copy of your mind.

This works for everything for me: if I really like x but can’t seem to be fine with it, a total break solves after some time. I just loot at other interests for some time and then I get back to x… or not. Forcing such things never work healthily.

That is the way. I wholeheartedly agree with Sneg - I often take a break for something else, eg chess before getting back something I take for a hobby. Ofcourse if you are a student or at work, you don’t really have a choice.

I sometimes lose my inspiration when i do the same thing for a long time, so try do different things then you normally do. Try new techniques you’ve never tryed before (ofcourse this only applies when you have the time to do this). You might also get new ideas out of look back to previous (unfinished) projects youve worked on, even if they have a totally different subject.

Sounds like you just need a break or a change of pace.

it’s still there, but usually (as Alltaken said), stress, anxiety, etc. is covering it up like a blanket, or blocking it like a wall. Unless you had a mini-stroke and those brain cells really are dead.

i just go on youtube or my mp3 and let the music take me and give me ideas

I remember Brian May once said that when you want to come up with a great new idea for a guitar solo you should put the guitar down. His theory is that if you’ve got the guitar in your hands, you fall into the same old patterns/progressions. If you move onto another instrument or just hum something to yourself you’ll come up with something new.

I think the same is true for art. I’m not much good on paper but if I lose my inspiration, getting away from the computer and putting my ideas down in pen helps me out of the same old traps. Even just messing around with a medium I’m not used to helps me find a direction I wouldn’t have thought of if I’d been using my mouse.

I heard a good excercise for improving creativity is to look at something then close your eyes and try and visualise every detail of it as you fly around it. Then open your eyes and see what you’ve missed. At the least it helps you look at things a different way.