Is it possible to let emitted particles interact?


I’m looking for a tutorial or a simple explanation, to let 2 streams of particles interact, so one stream of particles blows particles of the other stream to the side. Like in the image where the stream of the particles coming from the left would be influenced by the stream in front. Is this possible by using only particles and not a Force Field?

I see that I’m not the only person to come here from another forum to find a answer. I want to know this too, so I’ll be subscribing to this thread for now.

I assume you mean Force Fields in the Physics tab, so what about “Force Field Settings” in the particle tab? Just check “Self Effect” and change Type 1 to something other than None.

Quick question. I’m wondering if a particle beam can be made with the settings that you suggested? If so can to direct me to where I can find it?

What do you mean by ‘beam’? Under the Field Weights box you can turn Gravity down to zero, but I’m not sure that’s what you want.

Where in the Physics tab is the Field Weights?

Dude look around, it’s in the Particles tab.

Ahh, ok. I’ll look there.

I can’t find it.

Are you using 2.49? I’m using 2.5…don’t see it in 2.49.

In 2.49 press F7 after selecting an object you want to apply a field to. Then choose the physics sub-context icon. The Fields TAB should appear.

But I think the answer is no if I am guessing your intent. You can not have object based particles carry their fields into the particle system. Fields affect systems, but the particles in a system can not have fields. Object and group based particles are only mesh based. If the object used in a particle system has a field applied to it, it will be ignored when that object is being deployed by the particle system.

In the example file, you can see a particle system deploying a cube with a vortex field. While the field is drawn by the particle system (why?) it has no effect on the other particle systems in the scene. However, there is an additional Empty in the scene that has a vortex field that does affect the other systems. Move it around to see the affect.


particle_fields_dont_work.blend (830 KB)