Is it possible to limit a Displacement Texture with Weight Paint

Is it possible to limit a Displacement Texture with Weight Paint?
I’m using a Displacement Texture map and not the Displacement modifier.
I can’t see anyway to link the texture to a vertex group.
I know I can assign a material to specific polygons, but what about Weight paint?

This is to limit the effect of the Painting With Polygons NPR technique.

Please help.

You can only use a weight paint with the displacement modifier. For the texture displacement influence channel you can use a b+w stencil

Hi Richard.
thank you so much.
I’ve got this working now!
I switched to the modifier.
(I thought I couldn’t animate the displacement texture when going through a Disp. Modifier, but now I see I was wrong.)

Actually, Crap, I’m wrong. That displacement isn’t animating anymore.

When I have it checked to Influence the displacement channel in the Texture Editor, and disable the Rendering of the Disp. Modifier I get no animated texture displacement. (the Offset X value is on a cyclic IPO curve to cycle once per frame. The Sampled Motion blur is set to .25 frame steps so I can get different displacements averaged by the motion blur passes. ) When I try it with the modifier, every step of the Motion Blur is reading the same displacement.

Is it possible to animate this Offset X via the IPO curve,
or do I have to animate it with an additional empty traveling through space?

I’m trying now with an Empty.
I moved it one blender Unit and cycled it. I don’t think it’s affecting the Offset value of the texture.
The texture swims from frame to frame. In my original setup the cycle made the offset value the same for every frame.