Is it possible to link to an outside URL

Using Blender to create the world, is it possible to:

  • Traverse the world via a browser (what plug-in or 3rd party engine would you use)
  • In the world be able to place links (URLs) to other website resources to get more info on models placed in the world

Not played with world creation in Blender and most of the ‘world’ 3d party plug-in examples seem to focus on rotating around a single model not a larger world view and traversing it.

I was looking at Unity as a possible solution - any suggestions/advice welcome.

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you may use python webbrowser in blender
it open your browser and access to url
anyway its a first step…

import webbrowser

webbrowser.open_new(“your url”)

@leer is correct.

Here’s a tutorial.

you can also try:

from os import system

make sure to use the full URL though

Thank you @leer

Many thanks @RandomPerson

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That’s great @zyugyzarc much appreciated.

why not directly goto web 3D
look at blender4web