Is it possible to lower the horizon in the scene when using a HDRI background?

I’m using the ocean modifier and I’m also using a HDRI for the background. The HDRI gives me the perfect light, but near the horizon there are some trees that I dont’t want in the render and since the surface of the ocean modifier is reflective, the trees are visible one the water surface. I want to get the feling of an infinite horizon between the water and the sky on the HDRI.

That’s why I’m asking if it’s possible to lower the HDRI to get rid of the trees and just see the sky and clouds at the end of the water surface? I have tested to alter the values of the mapping node, but I only get a distorted background apart from rotation that works and I can’t find any useful info when I search. Perhaps not possible?

Yes it is.

Go to the texture tab on the properties panel - make sure “Environment texture” is selected in the drop down list, then increase the Z axis location value.

Great! It works! I have tried this option to change the settings for the Z axis in the mapping node which is the same as in the texture panel several times, but I have always used meters, but now I also tested to change the settings with centimeters, and then it worked!