Is it possible to make 3D objects that can be zoomed in and out and rotate around?

Hi everyone

I’m making a model eye for my final year project. 3 months left before it’s due!
I was told that blender allows me to create 3D objects and can render it so the end user is about to rotate and zoom in and out of the 3D object I created. However to me it seems like you can only make animations or do a set frame.

Is it possible to do something interactive on BLENDER? If so, how?
If not, do you guys know other programs out there that will be so great! Since i’m very desperate otherwise I’m going to fail!!!

Thank you so much!!

Thread to the Game Engine Support forum.

try one of my 3_rd_person_cam_setup in the Game Engine Resources section.
you may need to remove the two constraint actuators.

I combined my mouselook script with a zoom in script which works very good for an interactive model showcase.

Here’s the .blend if you want to see. It’s easy to set up, so you can either append your model(s) to this file or set up the scripts in your own file.

model showcase.blend (86.1 KB)

ps: This code is for Blender 2.5x

it used to be I’d export as an .x file format and use a .x file viewer to rotate my object it was good for checking whether or not my game enjine would display the model properly. export as .x and have the end user have an x file viewer…