Is it possible to make a metallic plate with reliefs from a flat colourse?

from a flat colour image* sorry for the messy title.

I want to make a metallic plate with some reliefs on it.
I have, as image, the black shilouette (flat colour) of a gun and 2 letters. I can’t make it with normalmaps because I use the plugin for GIMP and it makes all like embossed at the borders, and in relief inside. I want all like relief, not that the borer is carved.
Is it possible to do it directly on Blender with shaders?

do you need real mesh or UV mapping only ?

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Something like this?

decal.blend (4.1 MB)

Ricky Blender: No I don’t need to displace the mesh but only that it seems bumped, “like” a relief. As I said I can’t use normal maps because of that result…

Sabba: Thanks but no I was meaning the image “bumped”. Maybe “relief” is not correct in english, I was meaning “bumped”.

Displacement will give you the best result… But if you don’t want to use displacement you need to use Normals.
Creating good normal maps (and bump maps) is another story; And probably the source of your problem…

Note that Normals only give a different orientation to the surface, and not a height value. This makes it impossible to distiguish a sunked area from a raised one. The only thing it will show is the slope from one height to the other.
This is important because you say your Bump is a flat black/white picture; and if so, the slope between the black and the white will be almost 1 at the limits but 0 all over. Bluring it a bit can produce better results, since the slope will be distributed over a larger area.

I confess that never used Gimp plugin for creating normals, so I don’t know if there are any parameters to tweak for a better result.

Could you post the texture you’re using for creating the normals (the one you want to engrave)?

bumps needs greyish map not BW !

another things is that usually nor and bumps work at a specific angle in space
at other angles you loose the 3D effect !

Best method would be to use the displacement modifier !

there are different ways/ Softs to do bump map
Gimp with the extension for Nor /bumps should do the trick

it would help if you upload the model so we can test it

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Thanks, this is what I mean:

You see? The borders are like carved and the rest is bumped inside. I also tried to invert Y when creating bump maps and to touch all the parameters but nothing becomes better. I think that this is common for a flat image, isn’t it? If the fault is only of Gimp I can try another free software…

this one was made in blender, with a color ramp and a bump node.

here’s de bump map I used:

I just added contrast and some blur. Without the blur the difference between white and dark makes becomes very thin.

Thank you very much! It’s what I want to obtain! Only with inverted light. How did you obtained it directly in Blender exactly? You said with color ramp and bump node, can you explain with more details?
Thanks a lot

Hello, I use another simple and effective method, and this is described in this link. how-to-generate-a-normal-map-from-a-bump-map
This below is the file that I created using this method.

normal-map-creator.blend (315 KB)

There’s no inverted light here. A normal map is just a collection of vectors encoded into Tangent Space. All lights calculations are done later at render time. A normal map may look like it has a light coming from the top/right corner, but that is just because the X and Y values get higher when facing the positive X and Y directions.

Many thanks to both! I’ll try for sure! Many many thanks. <3
Is this a good solution?