Is it possible to make all renders I make to be saved in a folder without overwriting?

Hello, I do a lot of renders for shading test purposes, is it possible that all renders I make to be saved in a folder?
I set output in compositor and in render folder, and I unchecked the overwrite checkbox in Output also. But all renders are overwriting anyway.

I have never turned off this option but can you check if it work?

I wrote a script which and added an option like this to it (not main intention of script), if no one posts a “stock” way to do this, ill edit and post the script for you.

Yes, I wrote that in the topic. It Still overwrite my renders.
I am not sure, but I think this is for sequences and I have a single shot.

the overwrite option only work with sequences, you should use different names (save as) or different locations to not overwrite , also you can use the “save a copy” in the save image menu

to store and compare the render result you should use different render slots for new images (look for it in the right corner of the image viewer header) it only work in the current blender session, if you close blender all the images will be deleted

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I know, I just don’t want to waste time saving each frame, especially when I do renders like one in a few seconds to check shading.
I do use slots, just wandered if is it even possible to somehow make Blender save all my renders without overwriting.

you can disable overwrite, then instead of press F12, render the animation with ctrl f12, blender will skip the first frame saved and blender will autosave the frames as 001, 002… and so on

Dont have Blender in front me right now or would see for myself, does ctrl-f12 work with single images or only animations ?

animation, sequence ,

Ok, thanks.
@Zot when I get home tonight ill edit my script and post it for you. It also saves the images names with the sample rate, frame number resolution and render engine name eevee or cycles. If file already exists, it just increments (1).,. (2)… (3) etc.

I tested pressing ctrl+f12 for sequence render, if overwrited is checked - it simply overwrites the file. If the checkbox is unchecked, and there are rendered images - it says that images are already rendered.
So no go.

Here ya go… i kind of rushed though the edits, but did test and it seams to be working.
If you do have any issues, please open the System Command window and copy/paste the info.

A new option will be added to your Render Output panel and you have two options, enable and have extra info added to your file name. Example imageName-(FRAME-001)-s016-EEVEE.png the ‘s’ is the sample rate. When you hit F12 your image will be rendered like normal and then it will save automatically to eh fold in your output path.

When i get time im gonna clean up the code and then post it on my github.
Please post your feed back.

Install like a normal add-on: (3.6 KB)

Thank you very much - the plugin works just fine. You should polish it a bit and it would make a good add-on. Make more settings, like saving all rendered layers along with the image.

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Have a look at the Photographer addon. Not only is it a must have for camera settings, but it also have a multiple, incremental, camera render function. It’s laid, but I think it’s only 7 or 8 Euro right now. Worth every penny.

It really is a must have addon.

Does it have the feature of saving all renders?

I’m not sure. I haven’t checked that out, but just search for it on this forum and near the bottom of the thread is the update video to version 3.5. He talks about some of the features in there.