Is it possible to..? Make an ingame videoscreen without pre-rendered videos?

Heya guys!

First post for me here, so Hello World to all my new blenderbuddies. :wink:

I’ve tried to find a solution on the web, but i simply cant find what i need to know, so i finally joined the community in hope to find answers to the big questions in life.

How do i, if possible, make a video screen in the blender game engine, showing the action of the game, on a screen in within the game, because,… that would be friggin badass.

Thanx in advance my homies. :RocknRoll:

If I understand you correctly, you want something to the effect of a security camera.
What you are looking for is video textures from a camera input.

You can do this fairly easily. Follow this tutorial: It’s in German, but pretty easy to follow (there might be a better tutorial in English somewhere…). What you’ll need to change is the camera option “orthographic” view to “perspective” view in the camera you create.

Thanx bro, this seems to be something i can work with. I’ll check out the vid and see if i can break it down into a english written tutorial, that be a nice way to close off the post.

Cheers! :eyebrowlift:

Allright allright,… so i followed the german video tutorial, and i reinterpreted the setup for what i wanted to do.

So it works, and it doesnt work at same time.

The thing is when i start the bge from the camera on my overlay layer, it shows up as expected looking like it is in the editor, with a simple uv grid. When i start it up from the camera on my main layer, it shows up with a white screen, wich is odd.

But when i startup the bge from the main layer, besides the camera, the effect does work, but then it doesnt make use of the camera and its position.

Who knows whats happening here? I did test a simple setup on a single layer with a camera, a cube and a plane, and it did exactly the same thing. So either i’m missing something, or there might be a possible bug present in 2.69?

A penny for your thoughts… (no i’m not handing out any money, its just an expression!)

What script are you using?
I suspect it is looking for the camera in the current scene, which is fine if there is only one, but as soon as you have two, it may be getting the wrong one. Care to post the script?

I assume you are using the same script from the video.

You can’t use the same camera input as the scene’s active camera to output to the plane’s texture. Make sure all of the variables match the names of the objects and materials.

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Heya guys, i simply used the script from the video. Perhaps if i would upload the blendfile itself, someone would want to have a look at it. Its a bit difficult to explain, so just give it a peek.

Btw,… my general position on copyrights is that everyone has the right to copy, so feel free to rip and rape my work as you please. :wink: