Is it possible to make my character stop bouncing off of walls!?!?!?!

sorry if I’m screaming my head off, but this is a problem that’s been going on for a while too me and alot of other people I know. The only ways that I do know how to fix it, the player stops falling. HOW CAN YOU FIX THIS?!?!?! Or is it just a Blender 249.2 glitch?

I don’t understand you. Send a demo or give a more detailed description of your problem.

With your player, do you use a Player Box?
All it is is a Cube, which has been scaled to fit around the player, set to dynamic, invisible.
You then apply all the movement to it, not the player.
use Convex Hull collision bounds

@agoose77 I did that, but it still isn’t working.
@officer_joel you really don’t need a demo. make two squares and put movement (up, down left and right) for a player on one square. now move that square into the other and PRESTO! iritating…

Use Servo Control. Here’s a tutorial:

yessssssssssss!!! THANKS!!!