is it possible to make rain in blender?

hi everyone.
is it posible to make rain in blender 2.49b? or blender 2.5 alpha?

Yes. rain can be made using the particles in blender. Here is a good tutorial on how to make it. A rain effect can also be made for the game engine, however, instead of particles, you use alpha-mapped images that are spawned from empties (sorry if thats confusing, i dont know how to make it any easier to understand other than giving u a few links )
this one is from blenderguru.com

I use the particle system to generate rain. All I did was use a plane with a particle system, model a raindrop (on a different layer), select Render --> Object in the Particles Tab, and use the raindrop object as a DupliObject.

However, as fpsgod17 said, the particle system technique won’t work in the Game Engine.

Here’s a blend with one of my tests: rain_sim.blend (813 KB). Just make sure that layer 2 is in the camera viewport, press Alt+A, and watch the animation.

Hope this helps.