is it possible to make your blender game have the same graphics as render?

when i press p 2 play my game it doesnt look anything like a render.
i know it takes alot of computing power for a render but do we really have to lose so much in graphics,how our player & environment look 2 play your game??? :frowning:

Try “baking” for static light, static ao, or anythig else thats static.

The main thing is that you have GLSL rendering on. Another thing is that 90% of the look inside the game engine is texture based. If you want ambient occlusion, you need to bake it to an image and apply the image as a texture to your object. This process works for a lot of different effects. Lastly, its unreasonable to expect, or hope for something that takes 2 minutes to render with the standard renderer to take less than a second in the game engine.

Your game will nether look like render. It is a complete different technique.

But if you are good you can make it looking incredibly good. The other posts gave you some hints already.