Is it possible to mask parts of a model to let them always appear top of other objects?

I recently work on toon shader in blender cycles and eevee and quite curious how the game achieves this effect. What I want to do is to somehow “see through” the hair and when the hair cover the eyebrows and eyes, the outline of the eyebrow and eyes are still visible.

As you can see the pic below:

I think they make this effect by using a mask texture as the pic shown below, which named in “HET” and I don’t know what it means actually. However, this texture is surely the map I need to figure out and I totally got no clue of which nodes set up I should use!


Here is a blender project file’s LINK.

Hope someone nice can help me out! THANKS IN ADVANCE!

In cycles you got that effect by using the hair HET for transparency, in eevvee you have to set the transparency/blend option (opaque etc.) accordingly to get those

alpha effect (i read about it but don’t remember yet using cycles mostly):