Is it possible to mix materials instead of shaders in the node editor

Hi! I was wondering, if it’s possible to mix materials in the node editor with or instead of shaders. I want to bring in a material into the node setup and use it in multiple other materials and when I edit that material it updates in all other material and node setups where I used it. What I need is essential the equivalent of Smart Objects from Photoshop or Compositions from After Effects, but with materials in Blender. Thanks!

Look into node groups. You basically highlight all the nodes (except material out) and ctrl g. It turns rhem all into a single node group. You can peek inside by selecting the nodevgroup and hitting tab. You can use the node group withon separate materials and anything changed inside the group will be changed for all of them.

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Not even promoting my own stuff here, but have a look at the blend file provided at Wetness shader for how I shared a single value node connected to a driver between multiple materials. That should give you the method.

Note - it’s exactly what Photox said, but a practical example.

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Thanks so much man! Exactly what I was looking for, I knew about node groups but I had no idea they work like material smart objects!