is it possible to move a vertex, locked whitin its plane orientation ?

Well i’m modeling my own car just for fun, but i got a problem.

The sides of the car are not vertical, but tilted inwards on top.
These surfaces consist of multiple quads, i used photos in edit view to create the model, to follow curves etc.
But its not perfect, so for example i need to create a nicer circle (for the gasfill).
Now all verticles are in the same plane and while moving in X direction is no problem.
The problem is moving verticles up or down, because that breaks the flat tilted surface (makes punches etc).

So is there a way to move verticles in their local face orientation ?.

To move vertices in face orientation you could, at first, switch Transformation Orientation to Normal, then select the correct face and create a new transformation in the Properties shelf; now on you can use it to get the correct movements.


Depending of the situations you can also use vertex glide (GG).

Select face then (shift 7(numbpad)) then change orientation to “view” then press shift(holding it down) press z twice