Is it possible to only sculpt on front facing faces?

Is there a way to fix the backside of the model without changing the front sight ?
like locking back faces…
Why did it happen for me, is it because i used a mouse and not a tablet.

Thanks in advance Harvid

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There is a toggle button on the brush tool panel. Front faces only. It’s under the option’s. click options and it should open up revealing the check button.

Hmm… under options ?


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Yes, but you clicked on the wrong options button. You should just use the button shown in the previous post by @TheRedWaxPolice

It’s unknonw to me if it’s moved in newer blender. My blender is 1 month old. 2.8

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Thank you so much for the help @humanartist @TheRedWaxPolice I found it, and it works :wink: