Is it possible to parent a vertice group to an empty?

Is there any way to parent a vertice group to an empty?


yeah, it is called vertex parenting and it can be done with a single vertex (location only) or a face (location and rotation)

in edit mode of the object, select those verticies
select the empty with control+rmb
parent with control+p

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z3r0 d: You got it the other way around. He wants to parent the vertice to the empty, not the empty to the vertice (that’s what vertex parent is for).

Modron: The only way to do that is with an armature.


Thanks guys.

If you HAVE to have it linked to an empty, you would first parent the mesh to an armature, using a single appropriately-named bone to deform the vertex group, then put a copyloc+copyrot constraint on the bone, pointing to the empty.