Is it possible to place images and videos on sides of moving geometric figures in Blender?

Here is the example of animation

From 4:31 till 4:38. Animated background. Infographics over it. I focuse the attention on animated background. There are geometric figures. Parallelepipeds. They move. I want to make similar animated background. Not one to one to this. I will use other colors, other sizes, other direction of move.

I will make parallelepipeds. They will move. Slowly.

On sides of few parallelepipeds I want to place still images. Parallelepipeds will move. On sides of few other parallelepipeds I want to place videos. Parallelepipeds will move, videos on sides will go. Is it possible to make in Blender?

Try this, it is for 2.7 Blender but should work in 2.8 as well:

Cheers, Clock.

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When you have a texture shader connected and click to add a texture node as normal, and you select a video instead of static, it will automatically add it as a video with frame count etc,
Then it just need to be scaled and rotated to get to your liking, use a texture coordinate and mapping node for your adjustments…this will work in eeVee realtime…though it will drag a bit, till you render out frames…and of course the more you add the bigger drain it will get as far as real time…and as you can imagine…cycles just needs to be used for rendering…

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