Is it possible to play a MIDI file in UPBGE?

Like, I’m not saying a black midi (a song with thousands upon thousands of notes), as that would just crash UPBGE, but a good example MIDI would be Vivaldi’s Winter, all done with Python, with a falling note display and piano. This is rather like MIDITrail, but in UPBGE. Is it possible even to play MIDIs in UPBGE, or aren’t they supported yet?

Are there any plans for MIDI and SoundFont support to go with it? MIDI files usually are tiny in size compared to other audio formats.

Would be cool to create a minigame with this method, etc…

Not a pro here, but you can do almost anything with Python; I’m sure there are midi-player libraries available.
On one hand you mention, (apparently), just playing a midi file, which is only sound.
But you also refer to something graphical that looks like a piano-player scrolling; that sees WAY harder.