Is it possible to program in C++???

I would know if it’s possible to program GameLogic and other modules using C++ instead of Python. And if it’s possible to call Blender modules and functions using C++.
If anyone can help me, I’ll be grateful.

I doubt it, but even if you could, why would you want to?

Python is easier, and it’s an interpreted language. There is no need to compile and recompile every time prior to running game after any changes.

I recommend you stick with python (I don’t see why you can’t)

If your really stuck on C++, then just code everything with OGRE.

Yeah, look at either ogre or crystal space. They both have excellent exporters from Blender.

I’ve never bothered calling python stuff from C++, but you CAN call C++ from your python scripts (C++ dlls, It’s the way I’ve gone with a game I’ll post on the forums shortly)

A DLL is not in C++. You can code in a variety of languages and then compile a DLL. but the final DLL is not in the language you coded.

You can call functions from a DLL using python??? How? I would like to know so I can run certain algorithms quickly inside of blender.

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There is a standard way to extend the python language with libraries but it may not result in what you expect. It’s also possible to simply change the blender player via the source code, so that it loads a library or does some critical operation.

I guess I could’ve worded it better.

I meant that it’s possible to write functions in C++, compile it as a DLL, and python can call the functions from the DLL. To do so you have to either write a bridge and wrap the functions, or the easier way of compiling with swig or boost (I’ve only used boost). This is extremely handy when you need the speed of C++, but need it in your blender game (such as a complex AI).
I highly reccommend Boost. I use it along with Visual Studio 8.

The easiest way is getting the sources and compile. Blender is C and C++. So there shouldn’t be a problem to add some logic. I can remember there was a tutorial How to add new logic bricks. It was a “Hello World” logic brick.

You should find help here:

Yeah you could basically turn the engine into a game that way, and it would be about as easy as making a game any other way, and it would have such a good level maker and so on.