Is it possible to put a movie onto a plane?

I am trying to texture a video that I took with my cam-recorder onto a simple plane… I have made a couple attempts to do this, but I have failed miserably :frowning: Can anyone explain a simple method of how to do this? Thnks!

If you’re in cycles, go to material, add a basic material, then go into the node editor and on your “Image Texture” node load in a movie and you’ll see that its presentation change. Select the starting frame and number of frames to bring in. When you render your animation, it renders one frame per frame of generated output. I do not know if it accounts for cross-sampling rates, such as the movie in 30fps, and the generated movie from Blender in 24fps.

  1. Switch to Cycles
  2. Add a plane. Tab into edit mode, ‘u’ to unwrap the plane.
  3. Tab into object mode.
  4. Add a material to the plane
  5. In the node editor, add an image texture, click open, and open your movie file.
  6. It will automaticall change the node gui. Change ‘frames’ to the number of frames you want.
  7. Scale your plan to match the aspect ratio
  8. Here are nodes for a simple tv type display: