Is it possible to re-structure BlenRig Biped?

I’m learning about the BlenRig 5 from Blender Cloud Training DVD. I see it’s an awesome and powerful rig solution. But can it be re-structured? I’m developing a character with 4 legs and 2 arms a torso and a head (also the head would be simpified a bit, no nose for instance). Can the biped be somehow restructured so that it works with my character? I’m not asking how to do it at this point, only if it is possible to do. If not then I would have to think about another solution.

You can alter the rig, but you will have to duplicate the IK, FK, and the Deformation bones in the rig. You will also have to alter the positions of the bones depending on the size of the other arms.

Adding some additional info. Be sure you duplicate those that XeroShadow said and also the STR bones along with them. They are hidden in an another layer.