Is it possible to recreate aliasing in the compositor?

I was just wondering, as I have an idea or two that requires some compositing to be done first before the image is ailiased.

Alising is the low res effect of stair stepped edges or banding in color. Are you sure you want to reduce the quality of the image in this way?

I’m pretty sure all antialiasing is is gaussian blur. I may be mistaken though.

Omg no. Much better to target features otherwise all you get is blurry image.

So is it more like a smart blur? Does it only soften edges?

Isn’t antialiasing just rendering the picture at a higher resolution, and then downsampling it to fit the intended resolution, averaging many pixels into each one of the pixels of the final image?

This might be bad idea but try to do a mask with sobel filter and then mix blurred image and the original with the sobel factor

Yes that is the basic idea, there is a quite good tutorial around that shows you how to do this in Blender nodes.

Aliasing is hard to filter due to artificial structure that is implied by it’s hard edges, you need far more sophisticated analysis and filtering to recognise the problem artifacts.

This is also where the rainbow of moire comes from.

Thanks for the replies everyone!

You said there is a tutorial somewhere?

Check out this tutorial for edge sharpening, I would guess that you want to blur edges instead.

Thank you very much! :smiley: