Is it possible to remove edges but not faces?

When I’m modelling in Blender and I delete edges, is there a way to stop it from deleting the faces too? I keep having to fill the faces back in after removing an edge. I see in the options for delete that you can delete edges & faces, but not vertices and edges only.

It’s especially bad if I make a long edge loop a while back in the undo chain. If I select the whole length of edges and remove them, I have to go round filling it back in.

I’m probably missing your point. You can’t delete an edge that is part of the face and keep the face at the same time. And for obvious reasons: a face cannot have an open geometry, it has to be bound by edges to be defined, otherwize, it’s not a face.


im not sure i understand either but you might try merging vertices/edges instead of deleting them. Or remove doubles.

one more thing - blender can only handle tri and quad polys. so if you have two quads one beside the other and delete the edge in the middle you would end up with a poly surrounded by six edges>>which blender doesn’t allow (by concept?)


I think he is looking for the opposite of “face loop cut” to reduce detail. This would be a nice feature.

Usagi’s right, that’s what I’m looking for. I mostly use the tris to quads tool because that’s usually only when I need it but there are occasions where it won’t work.

I should explain better, here’s a diagram:

|||||| /__ remove this line in the middle
|||||_| \

If I have a shape that looks like that and I want to remove the entire horizontal middle line, I select all the edges and remove them. However, that takes all the faces with it despite the fact it would leave perfectly intact faces behind, like so:

| | | | | | /____ middle line gone but all faces left.
|||||_| \

I see what solmax is saying, though, if you did this, it would leave faces with 6 edges but only because it doesn’t remove the vertices too. That’s why I was asking why there wasn’t an option to remove edges & vertices but leave faces. If you remove both v & e, you get quads.

What Bookeater suggests might work for now. I guess I could move the middle row close to the bottom or top row and remove doubles with a higher threshold. I don’t think merging would work because it would merge the entire two rows into 1 vertex, wouldn’t it? Or can you merge in a single direction?

Still, it would be nice to be able to have something that does the opposite of
face loop cut.

you’d have to do it one at a time in blender

in wings3d [which supports ngons] you would delete the edges
then select the verts with 2 edges [there is a menu option to do that]
and delete them

on the ends you would get 5-gons I guess tho

But Blender wouldn’t have to support ngons to be able to do this. Like I said, when you remove the edges and vertices, you are left with quads. Ok, if it’s not a complete loop, you are left with 5 sided polys at either end but Blender just has to subdivide them to get 3 tris.

Is there a way to maybe delete the edge and then get Blender to quickly fill in the gap? Is there a quick method for joining seams? Y’know like if you have an arm and you want to attach it to the shoulder. So long as they have equal divisions, is there an easy way to connect them?