Is it possible to render such video?

Im noob and i google this stupid question.

Is it possible to render such 2min. mini-movie on a middle PC or it will take months, years etc?

Render time relies on many factors, so it is hard to determine how long something will take without knowing how you are going to render, what you are going to render with, scene complexity and so on. That 2min animation at 30 frames per second is 3600 frames of animation. You could set up a scene and test render a heavy part of the animation and estimate the time to completion by multiplying that time by 3600. At 10 min per frame, that’s 36,000 minutes or 600 hours or 25 days, but again the estimate could be much larger or smaller depending on the factors.

You also have the option of using a renderfarm for a fairly decent price and cut the time down to fractions of what you would do at home.