Is it possible to run same function different time without stopping the function?

i don’t know if this will work
I will explain what I have in mind:

we have a UIList with a button. We take a input from user through the UI and pass it to the function. Function runs until the local time is equal to the input from the user and gives a popup. The question is if the user give another entry for another element in the list the value we pass earlier will be replaced by the new value. Is there any way to add multiple inputs we can as much inputs from the user to the function?

if you have some suggestions please post it. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Generaly speaking: In mathematical terms a constant input over the complete time is a function, a constant function just giving those specific value. If you wanna input different values for different time slices, the input could be for example a list with tuples for example (12s, 0.4m), (43s,0.3m),(120s,1.2m),… which reads 12 second with 40cm,… so it is non impossible. (And i don’t know yet what UIList is; just re-updating my scripting knowledge since 2.7x…)