Is it possible to run script interfaces in the 3D view?

I really like the panel that pops up when you hit the n-key and I’d love it if I could make a window like that for Python scripts. I really don’t like using a dedicated panel because it’s hard to get everything to fit without wasting space. Do I have to draw it manually using OpenGL or are there links somewhere I could develop a panel? The API doesn’t suggest it’s possible at the moment but it might be something to look at in future.

After all, things like Obj export sripts don’t really need to load into a separate panel given that they aren’t up long enough to need one. It’s the same with the UV export script. I’m not saying there shouldn’t be a scripts panel (though it might make it redundant) but perhaps there could be a way to target a given space to draw in so that when you execute the script, the interface appears where it will be needed. For example, an IPO script could appear in the IPO window.

This also makes sense when it comes to event handling because if a script interface runs inside the 3D view then it might be able to know about events, which reduces the need for space handlers.

It’s also easier to make them resizable and have scrollbars.

at the moment we cant have python panels, though it soudns like your using old scripts beucase the obj i/o with the latest blender uses pupBlock which is a popup box with options - this is often better then a script using a window all to its self

pupBlock isn’t in my offline API docs but it is in the online ones. I tried it out but it can’t be dragged or resized, seems to be limited to 24 items (arbitrary limits alive and well), auto-arranges items (which is quicker but limited) and it disappears when you click off it. I think I’ll need to stick with the window but pupblock will be handy for some scripts.

Yep, pupBlocks the one, its been in blender for a while now…
Iv modified it to support more items now but your right, its not nice like a panel is. - just a quick way to get user input without a lot of the wory about laying out a user interface.