Is it possible to scan real-life city and make it into 3D editable formate?

Hey guys,
so after I’ve checked one of the latest Snapchat options to track your friends n stuff, I’ve thought to myself that the whole map from top thing with no real objects look really boring and unenjoyable (it works for snap tho).

  • Would it be possible to scan real life city and place it into phone screens? I imagine it looking like Pokemon GO map system with lowpoly 3D buildings. More like a simple game than a navigation app. It could add colors n pleasant experience in programs which require some kind on map usage. As I mentioned, same Snap, Uber, drone deliveries are upcoming thing, it could show drone’s flight path etc.
  • Problem which bothers me already is terribly huge files of data. Especially if city is a large one. But if I make structures n graphics of buildings as simple as possible, that should solve most of the cause.
  • I think, that second problem would be price, if my idea is possible in the first place. It could cost millions to scan cities as large as ones in Asia. But, maybe I’m thinking the wrong way n it’s easier than I think or I’m a dumb person to imagine things that aren’t even possible. Either way:

I would like to hear all of your opinions, ideas n critique.

I know I have seen it done before, but I can’t seem to find it right now. This youtube search might help: