Is it possible to "semi finalize" resting positions from a physics simulation?

Hello all,

This may be a bit silly, but I’m working on a scene with a cereal bowl and I plan on pouring some milk into the bowl full of cereal. I have probably a hundred or so cereal objects, and on frame 1, they all start falling down into the bowl, which is great, but I’d like them to stay there. I don’t want them to fall on every restart of the timeline. I want them to fall once, land inside the bowl, and I want them to remain there, but I’d also like them to still react with the milk with the physics simulation.

Is this possible? Thank you in advance for your time and help!

If anybody else wants to know how to do this, I was able to do it by baking the animation to keyframes, and deleting all keyframes except the final resting place that I wanted.

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