Is it possible to Serialize and deserialize ImageView (2D) position?


I find it convenient to hold image reference in Blenders 2D viewports. Problematically I do not see any way to find out the PANNING (2d position) of that view. Zoom is exposed, but read only parameter so I cannot reassign it later.

      for area in bpy.context.screen.areas:
          if area.type=='IMAGE_EDITOR':
              for s in area.spaces:
                  if s.type=='IMAGE_EDITOR':
                      if s.mode=="VIEW":
                         image_array.append([s.image, s.zoom])

I would like to store and restore the Zoom and PAN/2D position of the image view so reloading/assigning images to 2D view would be predictable, not out of bounds or random as it is when working with big images. Grateful if you can advise a way to do that.

Thank You!