Is it possible to set a value so that multiple materialss change

Well i got a situation where i need to switch cycles materials for several objects.
So i made for each of those objects a cycle shaders that consist of 2 variants.
A mix shader value can be set to switch between the two shaders.

One material look is more alike a schematical overview, while the others is normal real material view.

But since i have to switch manny objects between those two materials.
I wondered for animation would is it possible to only use one value that affects them all.

YOu could use a driver to drive all of them, or somewhat simpler you would put a input ‘value’ node inside of a node group, and then share that node group among all of your material. Anytime you change what it is inside (A single value here) it changes for all of the materials. The basic steps.

1 ) In the node editor, in one of your materials add Input, Value node. Default value is .5
2 ) HIt ctrl G (together) and that forms a node group and puts your view inside of it. Hit tab to exit the node group.
3) rename ‘NodeGroup’ to ‘sharedmix’ or similar.
4) Connect the value output into the mix factor on the mix shader.
5) Go to all of the other materials and Add, Group, ‘sharedmix’ and connect the output to the mix factor
6) Now you can select the node group and tab into it, change the value (or keyframe it) and it will will shared by all other materials.