Is it possible to set "Always open with blender.exe" in Windows without installing?

Is it possible to set “Always open with blender.exe” in Windows without installing Blender?

When I try to do the “Always open with” (Always use the selected program to open this kind of file) Even though I select blender.exe it does not show up in the Other programs sections. Is it because blender isn’t installed and I’m running the archive instead? and windows doesn’t detect it as a program?

TLdr; open .blend in Windows always?

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Here is what I found courtesy of a user named Medard22 from

Edit path (double-click)

Make sure the path is correct: Ex. (C:\Programs\Blender\2.65a\blender.exe %1) I keep my newest copies on the desktop so I just edited the path accordingly.

Inside the command key edit the default string, pointing it to the executable of the current version of Blender (eg. C:\Programs\Blender\blender.exe %1).

Then do the "always open with. The icon doesn’t update but it opens w/blender if you double-click.

Good tip.

Here’s how I do it with multiple versions and dev builds (none installed)…

I put appropriately named shortcuts to the exe’s into the windows send to folder. I can right-click on blend files and select which Blender I want to open it with via the send to menu.