Is it possible to set up automatic collections for new objects?

I am trying to setup blender to automatically add certain object types to certain collections from the getgo. e.g. I want to stop losing my cameras in random collections and have them all in one collection called “Cameras.” I have been doing this manually but honestly, it’s a pain and I have begun getting lazy and just leaving them hidden in random places which, I hope goes without saying, is disorganized and makes both my and my team-members lives more difficult.

My thought is to make it so when I create a camera it automatically adds it to the camera collection, lights to my lights collection, etc etc etc. My main problem is not so much how I add an object to a collection in python, but more so how I make it know to trigger the script when a specific item is made. Also, although I have a bit of experience with coding in python, I will admit I am not well versed in the art of making blender addons so if you have a suggestion of how this might be possible, could you possibly also tell me what methods may work as alternatives and why you think this is the right way to go? I comprehend better with context and this may be useful information to someone else as well.

Thank you so much!

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one way to do this is to do a custom script that adds a camera and put it in the right collection. Attach it to a button and use this button everytime you need another camera instead of the normal way of adding a camera.

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Thank you. Yeah I figured it would be something along those lines that would have to happen in its own form of interface. I was certainly hoping (and still kindof do if someone knows a magic trick) that it could be something that could change the behavior of the default add item system but I really dont know to what limit that is core functionality so I wouldn’t know if that is even possible.