Is it possible to smooth materials with the Weld modifier?

The Weld modifier will merge together the geometry of 2 meshes in the same object.
I need it NOT applied, to be used dynamically.
The 2 meshes have different materials. How to blend them with a gradient?
I want a solution to apply globally because this is dynamic, so no uvmapping and no vertex painting because the position of the meshes (and so the point where they merge) can’t be predicted.
I can accept a solution also if the objects are separated but still intersecting.

What I’m trying to do from days is a red jam inside a white cream that becomes visible when cutting the cream, and it has some fade in the cream a bit.
This has to be procedural/dynamic, so I can’t uvmap it or do vertex paint.
I tried a workaround to put weight proximity as vertex paint and in theory it works but then the Boolean modifier breaks any vertex painting (bug I guess, and unfortunately I need the boolean modifier and not applied).

Hui, that is quite a task.

Ther are ways to define vertex groups and weights dynamically. See some of the modifier in the most left column of the modifier list:

  • data transfer
  • vertex weight edit
  • vertex weight mix and esp.
  • vertex weight proximity

The problem is, that I don’t see how that helps in mixing materials, as the materials are manually assigned to faces (no vertex weight?). And on the other hand I can’t find a vertex weight node within the shader so that one can mix them there.

Perhaps it’s time for an Addon:
I recently was impressed by blendit: it merges texturs based on proximity (so it seems). Is that something, that you can utilize?

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I found you can transform vertex weight into vertex paint (which is usable in Cycles!) and requires a workaround I managed to set up correctly, but the Boolean modifier (which I need, and I need it to be not Applied) messes up the vertex paint by default apparently, until not applied. So this limitation created a wall for me to proceed…

Thanks for the addon, I think it’s a VERY needed feature in Cycles but I can’t put it because my blend file will have to be used by others who likely won’t have any addon. Anyway thanks and this is definitely an addon I’ll want to have for myself