Is it possible to smooth out my bump map?

i want the texture to be like gold with smooth bumps
i used a bump and normal map
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Hello again Isaiah.
Am I understanding correctly that you want to remove the bumps on the water?

Can you show us a screenshot of the full node setup? It looks like you might be mixing two shaders?

It’s unusual to use both a bump and a normal map like that. One or the other ought to work-- you’re probably double dipping on your bump.

“Smoothing out” a bump map usually means running it through a Gaussian blur in Photoshop or GIMP. (This is one of the places where fully functioning node textures would be nice to have-- can’t get away with noisy-lookup tricks for bump. Or else, mipmap selection in image texture nodes, that would be nice for other reasons too.) But if you want to reduce its influence, which will make it seem flatter, you can do that in your nodes. Just reduce the strength in the Bump node.

You could change it from linear to cubic interpolation. That’s about the only thing you can do on node level, as blur is not available.