Is it possible to temporarily switch from IK to FK?

Is it possible in Blender to temporarily switch from inverse kinematics to forward kinematics? Perhaps even i the same sequence?

For example, you have a rigged arm with IK solvers. You start a animation using IK for a couple of frames, then switch to FK for another couple of frames. The result is then interpolated resulting in smooth motion of the arm.

Sure: just use the IK enforcement, keyframing the last IK frame at 100% and the first FK frame to 0% (where you actually want the arm controlled by FK). It will build an IPO curve for the IK values.

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Gustavo Muñoz

Do you know of any tutorials that could give me more information on the actual procedure involved?

I’ve been trying to figure out how to do that… any tutes? any explanations? anything? :wink:

  • Ian

haven’t tried it myself yet, but I think he means setting the influence of the IK solver to 0 for the frames that you want to use FK for and then setting it back for when you need IK. To get the IPO for contraints, hit the EDIT button in the corresponding constraint tab, then go to the IPO window, bring up the constraint IPO’s and CTRL + LMB. Like i said though, never tried it myself so it might not work exactly as you want. let us know though.

I remember asking the same question.
Look here:
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