Is it possible to Texturize after Multires Sculpting?

I’ve been watching jonathan williamson’s tutorial for character modelling and he did the clothes with multires sculpting, however, i didn’t see him add colors or even image textures like bumpo maps to the character’s clothes. my question is,

is it possible to Texturize after Multires Sculpting?
also, how do i view the multires sculpt in Object Mode? (every time i switch back to object mode, i only see the unsculpted mesh, and also if i apply multi-ress, it gives an error message.

Multires modifier is subdividing basemesh. Like Subdivision modifier, it subdivides UVs of basemesh.
So, whatever Level of multires is used for render, UVs should be respected.

Just increase Preview level of modifier.

Error message should explain the reason.
It probably says that you cannot apply a multires modifier on a mesh with shapekeys.
Trying to interpolate shapekeys from a sculpt would only provide unsatisfying results.
You have to only keep one shapekey as basemesh, delete all the others, and then, you can apply modifier.

But the interest of modifier is to be able to animate a character in viewport, with a low poly basemesh version ; and render it, with an high poly one, using the modifier.

My workflow is like this with multires. model:

  1. UV unwrap the base model and give it base texture image.
  2. Save your work
  3. Remove all shapekeys
  4. Apply multires in object mode with level 3-4 since my machine can handle that without problems.
  5. Save as the file with “_paint” name, Since in the file you will only paint delete all the unnecessary data. ( objects, …)
  6. Texture paint in Blender
    You will see that all the texturing you have done, the image files are sharing the same location with old file, the one that have multires modifier on.
  7. open the multires. file and voila you textures and multires. and you can had more fine details with displacement shader if needed.