Is it possible to to have LAN IM?

Im at my job now and there are multible computers here.I want to communicate with other computers in an IM kinda way.I saw it on CSI once but Im not ure if it is possible…
the computers use windows xp and they are LAN conneted and also conected to the internet



You can with ease on a Mac… it’s called iChat

There are console commands you can use:evilgrin:

Open the Run dialog and enter ‘winchat’

If you have the program (I’ve found that some don’t randomly) you should be able to ‘dial’ other computers on your LAN. I think you might have to be in the same workgroup as well?
Note that the other end has to be running winchat as well and must pick up when you dial them. For some dumb reason they made it like a telephone. If you’re all connected it should then just work like a chat program. I can’t really get too specific about how it works as I have limited experience with it, but it should be fairly easy to figure out.

Wow… never knew! Thanks for that nice little tidbit.

You could run a local Jabber server and have your people connect to that.

Bingo, local IM!


This is not the case, but don’t use TV or movie references on what you can and can’t do with a computer.