Is it possible to unwrap a mesh so the faces overlap?

Say I have a cube that I’m making for a game. I’d like to be efficient so I’ll be applying a single square texture to all six sides of the cube. To do this, I unwrap the cube with each face as a UV island and then overlap all said islands by hand. Works great, looks good etc. Now, say I have a map where the ground is going to be made up of square tiles. I’d like to use the same technique where I overlap all the UVs but there’s close to a thousand squares. Needless to say, it would be pretty tedious to line up all the squares by hand. I’ve tried tiling the texture itself but it doesn’t line up well in some places. Is there an unwrap method that would overlap all of the UV islands? Thank you!

Yep, select all edges of a cube, mark seam, unwrap then choose unwrap->reset. All faces now share the same UV space. Pretty sure it should work on a larger thing. providing each face is bound by seams.

Awesome! Thank you very much :slight_smile: