Is it possible to upload a character with a sword to Mixamo, without the sword warping?

I’ve had great success for the most part using Mixamo to save time on animation, but can’t seem to figure out how to use it when the character has a sword.

I’m assuming there must be a way to do this, as Mixamo have characters you can download that have swords and the sword animations all work with them. But when I upload my character with a sword, there seems to be no option for telling Mixamo where the sword is, and the sword always ends up being warped.

No, you’ll need to upload the character without the sword and then add the sword after downloading

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Thanks. What would be the best way to keyframe/parent the sword to make it work with the character’s animations?

Once you download the character, you’ll want to add a bone to the armature in edit mode. Parent the sword to the bone and the bone to the hand bone. Adjust the bone animation as needed

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Thanks. Sorry, just one more while I have you. I’m having a problem with a set of mixamo animations I downloaded where the bones are all massive and making it hard to see the character or select individual bones. Do you know a way to shrink the size of the bones relative to the character?