Is it possible to use arrays with lights?

I’m working on this scene that needs lots of lights lined up in a straight line with a certain amount of distance between them.
I wouldn’t mind just copying them and moving them to the right spot, but I want each lamp to be identical and I want to edit the light settings as I go on. And editing 100 lamps seperately isn’t very efficent :wink:
So is there any way to get something like an array modifier for lights?



Array works on mesh objects only I’m afraid. I tried parenting a spot light to a single vert and setting an array modifier to the mesh vert, but that was not working.

You could parent the lamp to a mesh and us DupliVerts.

When coping a Lamp, if you use Alt-D instead of Shift-D, the lamps will be linked. This means you only need to change one and they all following suite. Also, as ReeVee pointed out, you can duplivert a lamp to a mesh and then same thing occurs, you change the original lamp and all the duplicates change.

you can also select 99 lamps and the last lamp, and press cntrl+l --> lamp data to have the last lamp settings control all the others

yeah, I think dupliverts would work just fine for the lamps, maybe create a mesh circle or path with 100 verticies.