Is it possible to use blender strands to style polygonal hair?

Basically my question is if the 3ds max method shown here

can be replicated in blender. I have a character made for animation, and I don’t have the power to render with actual strands in a timeframe that satisfies me. I’d like to be able to use blender’s hair styling tools to control polygon hair. I know you can use it to dupe instances of objects, but not to bend those objects to the curves themselves or control the length. Is this possible at all? Is there a plugin for this kind of function anywhere?

For the past weeks I’ve been looking for a solution, and so far I found a pretty cool plugin that does the exact oppisite, allowing the user to create strands from polygons as a guide.

I didn’t watch the whole video because I’m at work, but I hope that my advice is still useful c:
You can try making a model for the strand and adding a Particle Instance modifier to it. Add a particle system to the head, turn off hair rendering and set up the rest. The strands will follow the curve of the hair if you check “create along paths” in the particle instance modifier (note that this needs to be applied to the strand object; also, you might have to tweak the rotation to get it right). You can also directly control the size of the strands with the hair styling tools. The normals are often a little buggy - I’m experimenting with this modifier right now, and sometimes, the dupli objects are randomly rotated by 90 degrees. But since I assume that your strands are not just planes, I guess it might not make that much of a difference for you. I hope this is a solution for you!

I’ll have to try that.